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Getting Private Money Lenders For Real Estate

Getting Private Money Lenders

If you have been thinking about investing in real estate, you may have noticed that it’s not as easy as it used to be to get a bank loan to buy properties.

Banks impose limitations on how many properties you can hold, they also require hefty down payments and certain standards on the condition of the property, and if you are self employed and can’t proof employment or income with tax returns, you’re probably out of luck going that route.

What are the alternatives?

There are so called “hard money lenders”. They are essentially companies who will loan money on investment properties while they are being repaired. Most of these types of loans are short-term, and have to be paid back either by selling the house to a qualified buyer who brings in a new loan, or by refinancing (which can put you back in the same problem cycle as with bank loans above.)

Plus, hard money lenders usually charge very high interest rates and fees which can diminish or even eradicate your profits altogether.

Getting Private Money Lenders for real estate is another option, and it has many advantages:

  • Low or no loan origination fees
  • Relatively low interest rates
  • Flexible terms (some private money lenders will make long term loans)
  • Flexible payment terms (you can defer interest payments)
  • Easy loan conditions (you can borrow enough money to cover ALL your expenses plus contingencies)

But how do you go about getting private money lenders for real estate?

Three things are important when you talk to friends, family and other possible prospects:

  1. Observe SEC rules and never “guarantee” anything
  2. Show how the property is used as asset to secure the investment
  3. Demonstrate your ability and credibility in completing the deal and returning the principal with a good return

Here is a link to a sample “presentation” that you can use when you meet with potential private money lenders.

Private Money for REO Riches Formula

In recent regulations, banks like Wells Fargo have clamped down on the allowable financing that they will accept for short sale buyers.

REO Riches Formula has a bonus offer that gives you access to funds for all your REO and short sale purchases.

The new program by Jeff Adams will be launched in October. REO Riches Formula updates are here.

Private Money Blueprint Bonus Video

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Private Money Blueprint

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Private Money Blueprint Bonus

Private Money Blueprint Bonus

Black Hole #2: When You Should Use Private Money – And When You Shouldn’t. How do you know the difference? In a course like this you can get so¬† consumed by the new technique you are learning that you forget to ask why you’re doing what you’re doing.

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Private Money Blueprint

Private Money Investor Presentation

Private Money Blueprint – Step 1: Knowing exactly what to say to a prospective Private Money Investor.

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Private Money vs Hard Money

Private Money vs Hard Money

You’ve heard that you can use Hard Money Lenders to fund your real estate deals, or you can try to get Private Money Lenders. So what’s the difference?


First of all, many people think that Hard Money Lenders and Private Money Lenders are the same, as opposed to Banks or so called “Institutional Lenders”. While it’s true that both Hard Money and Private Money Lenders are not institutional and don’t have the same rigid reporting requirements as financial institutions and banks, there are several big differences.

What’s “Hard” about Hard Money?

It can be somewhat hard to get. But most of all it’s hard to pay for – meaning i can be very expensive.

Hard Money Lenders usually use the deal to make a decision on their lending you money, as opposed to your credit or income ratios or stuff like that.

So that makes it a lot easier to get a hard money loan than it is to get a bank loan, especially if you have poor credit or no credit. That’s not that important for hard money lenders, because they look at the deal and if there is enough equity they’ll make the loan.

On the expense side, hard money lenders usually charge between 12 and 18% interest plus 3 to 8 “points”, which can easily turn a great real estate deal into a mediocre one for you if you have to pay that much for the money.

The Private Money Advantage

private_money_real_estate-3.jpgPrivate money on the other hand is usually a lot cheaper for you. I have borrowed money for as little as 8% and 2 points, usually you can expect to pay 10-12% and no points. Also, sometimes a private money lender will let you “accrue” the interest which means that you don’t have to make any monthly payments while you’re holding the property.

You can get a lot more information – free by signing up for the free video series on Private Money Getting. Just check in to the Private Money Blueprint

Private Money Blueprint – FREE

Private Money Blueprint – Review the FREE videos and information.

Private Money Blueprint FREE Video #1:

Patrick Riddle drives around a neighborhood and stops in front of 4 houses that he has bought and sold using private money lenders. He also shows closing statements as proof that these are real deals.


Private Money Blueprint FREE Video #2:

Patrick Riddle drives around a neighborhood and stops in front of 4 houses that he has bought and sold using private money lenders. He also shows closing


Private Money Blueprint FREE Video #3:

Trevor Mauch introduces 3 web site where you can find private money lenders. Patrick explains how to create a 30-second script (“elevator speech”) to attract more private money leads.


Private Money Blueprint Video #4:

Trevor introduces Susan, a commercial real estate investor who has raised even more private money than Patrick and Trevor combined…


In addition to these four videos, the FREE members area at Private Money Blueprint gives you access to a 90-minute “getting started” training video, as well as a Power Point investor presentation that you can download and use to determine if your program is a match with your private money investor needs.

The free pre-launch information is very high quality, entertaining and packed with information that you can put into action almost immediately and without any major investment. … Can’t wait for the release of the Private Money Blueprint program!

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